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The first advanced GR-training in Russia, based on the concept «practitioners for practitioners». The teaching faculty comprises GR-experts of Russian and international companies from the real economy.

off the GR-training's cost will be donated to Lake Baikal Foundation for Environmental Applications and Research
Government Relations' functions have finally become the mandatory condition for development and enhancement of business and nonprofit organizations. It is literally neither possible nor justifiable to execute major or social responsibility projects as well as agree upon some long-term investments without the strategically significant collaboration with state authorities. The role of managers, who are responsible for interaction with public entities, has been increasing. The managers start facing the mounting requirements to their professionalism as well. The future of the overwhelming majority of world markets is inexorably connected with state actions. Geopolitical adjustments, protectionism, import substitution, export promotion, technological ambitions, the state social initiatives development, and more recently the COVID-19 pandemic — all this is rapidly changing the conjuncture and requires high-precision adjustment of business and the "third sector". Under these complex and sophisticated circumstances the trust of the State is positioned as the most precious capital of for-profit companies and NGOs. GR-experts are in extremely high demand now, and their professional relevance has been expanding annually.
Mastery and advancement of the professional activity, aimed at representing and promoting the interests within the system of public entities at the regional, federal and supranational (ECE) levels as well as internationally.
Relevance of the program
Goal of the program
We invite business owners, top managers of private and state organizations, PR, IR, HR and GR-specialists, public employees, representatives of media, nonprofit sector and expert community. All the interested persons, who are wishing to upgrade their relevant skills and competences, are welcome as well!
Target Audience
Mr. Eduard Voytenko
Academic Director of the Program
Mr. Eduard Voytenko – PhD in Political Science, Master of Law, CEO and Managing Director of the consulting firms Baikal Communications Group (Russia) and Edward's East Strategies (countries of the Persian Gulf, Central Asia and the Caucasus). Founder of the Research Centre for Legal Expertise, Head of the Board of trustees at Lake Baikal Foundation for Environmental Applications and Research. Professional lobbyist with over 15 years' experience. Member of professional international lobbying association – the Society of European Affairs Professionals.

Mr. Eduard Voytenko implemented dozens of governmental, social and political, electoral, GR & Lobbying federal and regional projects as well as a number of media and communications' international initiatives.
Mr. Eduard Voytenko
Academic Director of the Program
Mr. Eduard Voytenko – PhD in Political Science, Master of Law, CEO and Managing Director of the consulting firms Baikal Communications Group (Russia) and Edward's East Strategies (countries of the Persian Gulf, Central Asia and the Caucasus). Founder of the Research Centre for Legal Expertise, Head of the Board of trustees at Lake Baikal Foundation for Environmental Applications and Research. Professional lobbyist with over 15 years' experience. Member of professional international lobbying association – the Society of European Affairs Professionals.

Mr. Eduard Voytenko implemented dozens of governmental, social and political, electoral, GR & Lobbying federal and regional projects as well as a number of media and communications' international initiatives.
Mr. Anton Eropkin
Government Relations Director in Russia and CIS,
Olam International Ltd. Russia
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2021 IABC Gold Quill Award of Merit (Category 19: Communication Training and Education)
Mr. Vadim Suprun
Head of Government Relations and Internal Control Department, Collection Agency "EOS Russia"
Get ready to absorb a plethora of useful practical information, review lots of versatile real cases and communicate intensely with colleagues during the course. I would especially like to highlight the openness of all the speakers and their willingness to answer the audience's questions.
Ms. Alina Osnach
Chief Specialist of the Regional Communications Division, Public Relations Department, PJSC "Lukoil"
Upon completion of this GR-training within MGIMO School of Business and International Proficiency under the leadership of Mr. Eduard Voytenko I can highlight 4 main advantages:

1 – Highly qualified, individually tailored composition of speakers – experienced industrial specialists of the largest private and state corporations with the multifaceted professional focus,
2 – Relevant and interesting practical case studies with the deep elaboration on particularities as well as the detailed commentaries from authors,
3 – Properly structured handout materials, that can be successfully utilized during the working process,
4 – Opportunities to become knowledgeable and manage contact exchange with sectoral specialists from different fields of professional activities.

Undoubtedly I will highly recommend the GR-advanced training course to all the specialists, which value their time and high-quality approach to the delivery and presentation of information.
Ms. Olga Balueva
Head of Regional Communications and Organizational Activity Division, Directorate of GR and International Activity, Uralchem Group
КGR-training course under the leadership of Mr. Eduard Voytenko manifests the new approach to education in the sphere of GR-staff preparation and encompasses 3 main constituents:

1 – Structure and foundations of GR-management in Russia with excellent presentation materials, which I use after graduation,
2 – High-quality teaching staff: GR-practitioners from private and state corporations,
3 – Acute, relevant and concrete cases, which GR-practitioners encounter on a regular basis.

MGIMO Graduate Certificate is a pleasant added bonus to my obtained knowledge and productive networking with professionals. I would like to say that "4 days training" positive impact corresponds to the effectiveness of the full-fledged education with the specialty "Public Administration".
Mr. Makar Goncharov
Head of GR, Skyeng
The advanced training "GR and Lobbying in Business and Nonprofit sector" under the leadership of Mr. Eduard Voytenko awarded me the wealth of knowledge, which is indispensable for professional activity and extremely useful for enhancing the GR-expertise of Skyeng. The GR-training is best structured, it is an ideal combination of theory and practice. Among lecturers were chief executives of the leading companies, who addressed an audience, presenting the practical material, based on their work experience.

It is very significant to note that all the lecturers maintained the lively dialogue with attendees, they were completely open to communication. It was the powerful networking experience for me. Upon completion of the GR-training, I was given the handout materials, since then I have been using them from time to time. I recommend this training to everyone, who wishes to excel in the GR-profession or obtain more knowledge on this matter. After graduation You will have the true understanding of this professional domain.
Mr. Nikita Pichugin
Director, Public Affairs Department, JSC "The United Shipbuilding Corporation"
The GR-course will help arrange the working process inside my department according to the priorities, set by our corporate management. With regard to all the speakers of the educational program, I would like to praise the work of Ms. Irina Fedorova from Baltika Brewery (Carlsberg Group) and Ms. Maria Dronova (EVRAZ Holding) – these two stories made me energized, they provided me with ideas, which can be used
in my practice.
What is more, within the framework of the GR-course It was possible to get acquainted with interesting and very talented people from various spheres, like-minded professionals. It was possible to exchange contacts. We have already found the common topics, which can be implemented beyond the framework of the GR-program.
Mr. Yuriy Golovatchik
Director of Corporate and Government Affairs, Mon'delēz Rus LLC company
The training course was very interesting! I like very much the theoretical block from Mr. Eduard Voytenko, CEO and Managing Director of Baikal Communications Group, which he presented in the beginning. The practical experience of a number of corporate colleagues was very compelling as well. I was delighted to learn some particularities of the media GR-activities. For example, lecture of the speaker from the Russian newspaper "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" was very interesting. In addition to the aforementioned educational potential, the GR-training gives some excellent networking opportunities.
Ms. Tamara Stepanova
Consultant to The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Time is one of the most valuable resources. The GR-training program was so intensely saturated with a formidable number of great speakers and extremely useful information, that its fruitful outcomes are certainly going to unveil themselves in the long run. Speakers understand you and your professional needs and present the most relevant cases.

For experts in international relations and those who seek to become one, this training program can become a beneficial addition to their expertise and an impetus for their career in the relevant professional domain.
Ms. Vitaliya Tsarik
Senior Manager, Public Relations Department, PJSC "Lukoil"
One of the best training courses in recent years: a plethora of practical cases from the leading companies with lots of quite sensitive details of corporate GR, very intense educational program, useful professional contacts. All these features of the training are certainly worth the money and time.
Mr. Artyom Schepinov
Leading Specialist, Public Relations Department, PJSC "Lukoil"
Lecturers-lobbyists from Yandex Corporation, Baltika Breweries, EVRAZ, Siberian Coal Energy Company, tobacco industry...all-star cast! Relevant cases, professional contacts, new ideas - it was an epicenter of GR! I would like to thank Mr. Eduard Voytenko for this opportunity!
Mr. Igor Cherkasskiy
Head of Trade Marketing and Operations, British American Tobacco Plc.
I am excited about the GR-course, I am delighted by what I saw and what I heard. I certainly succeeded in establishing the good personal contacts with experienced representatives of the wide spectrum of different sectors.

All the accumulated knowledge and obtained practical case studies are the "gold mine" of information about the regulatory industry (what it looks like and how the relations in the regulatory domain are established). Undoubtedly the advanced training GR-course is going to get an excellent score!
Ms. Anna Baires
Specialist, International Projects Division, PJSC Rosneft Oil Company
It was very interesting and useful to exchange experience with colleagues from absolutely different spheres and industries. All the accumulated knowledge, which was obtained within the framework of the GR-course, without any doubt, will be utilized and implemented in my practice.
Ms. Irina Pecherina
Regional GR Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Eurasia
First of all, this training course will be of interest for entry-level specialists in the field of Public Affairs. It will be useful for experienced managers to structure the accumulated knowledge, get acquainted with experts, and expand the circle of professional contacts.
I would like to note the high quality of the program in terms of its arrangement and educational richness.
I wish all the success to the graduates of the program as well as to those, who are just going to become students once again!
Ms. Anastasiya Ryazanova
GR-manager, PJSC "RussNeft"
I am very pleased with how intense and well-arranged the GR-course was. I have been working in the realm of GR and Lobbying for 15 years, the GR-course has inspired me and has given me lots of directions for further development. Thank you so much.
The training program "GR and Lobbying in Business and Nonprofit Sector" has no parallel. It is the high-quality professional team of MGIMO and Baikal Communications Group.
Lively discussions with lecturers, exchange of experience with an extensive audience of like-minded people. The structure of the course is extremely intense and versatile, due to the exceptional professional level of speakers and well-chosen cases.
Vitaliya Tsarik from PJSC "Lukoil", Andrey Lyan from Cargill, Inc. and Nikita Pichugin from JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation" provided me with the most useful cases.
Mr. Roman Kletskikh
Director of Government Relations, Naumen Consulting LLC
I have been working in GR in the IT sector for 25 years and I am of opinion that the GR-course is extremely useful, interesting and even inspiring, because it is based in the principle "practitioners for practitioners".
Additionally, selection of lecturers is implemented at the highest level possible.
It was very interesting and useful to communicate with a plethora of like-minded people, GR-professionals in different sectors.
I have become friends with many attendees, and I hope that we will cordially communicate in the future, supporting each other in different projects.
Mr. Vitaly Kim
Head of Project Office, DEInternational Kasachstan
I am very grateful to organizers for the intense "GR-week" within the seventh course "GR and Lobbying in Business and Nonprofit Sector".
I would like to highlight the high professional level of lecturers in terms of both the presentation of training material and the readiness to discuss all relevant questions of attendees. A special "thank you" goes to Eduard Voytenko for the all-encompassing range of relevant, up-to-date topics this year, including the ESG-agenda.
I would be glad to recommend this course to my colleagues in the Republic of Kazakhstan, to those, who are already engaged in Government Relations, and to those, who have just become interested in this domain.
Mr. Alexey Vysokov
Head of Projects at the Department for Government Relations, Polyplastic Group
The GR-course is very intense, a lot of useful information, new ideas, bright images and emotions. I would like to draw attention to the greatly chosen composition of lecturers, who shared their real practical experience. It was priceless!

Organizers created very comfortable environment for learning, my huge gratitude for the obtained knowledge and the interesting program.
Ms. Yulia Zhurina
Leader in cooperation with regional government authorities, JSC "Rosh-Moscow"
Undoubtedly, participation in the GR-course was very valuable and useful for me in terms of further professional work. The program helps perceive the goals, objectives and instruments of GR-communication from the standpoint of seasoned experts in different corporate and nonprofit sectors, as well as review the solution mechanisms for complex problems, using a number of specific practical cases. The GR-course gives the understanding of the necessity and significance of GR in any business sphere, it provides the knowledge base for ways not only of supporting interests of the specific company or sector, but also for creating value for the country and society, thus collaboratively facilitating stability and further development of systems, which we are part of.

I would like to say a big "thank you" to Eduard Voytenko and all organizers of the program for the unique versatility, rich informational content, for the opportunity of direct communication with experienced, successful colleagues! Such a course is very inspiring and of great assistance for further professional development.

I wish you all the success and prosperity, wonderful new ideas and extraordinary projects!
Mr. Yuriy Donnikov
Legal & Compliance Director, HeadHunter Group
Excellent and unique course, established by the team under the leadership of Eduard Voytenko, with incredible and experienced speakers. The GR-course suits everyone: it will be relevant both for those, who just start learning the GR-topic and for those, who have experience, working with it. The program is very structured and enables (through the accumulated knowledge and skills) to form the specific GR-framework within the company, where attendees intend to work or are already working. The program encompasses the practical experience not only of different companies, but also covers versatile segments of activity: from industry, energy and production to pharmaceutics and IT/Telecom. It is mandatory to highlight the capacious handouts as well. The obtained knowledge is of high demand on the labor market.

During the GR-training attendees experience the in-depth immersion; the atmosphere of MGIMO-University, where attendees go through the GR-training, is very pleasant, and the MGIMO Advanced Certificate, received upon the completion of the course, proves the level of obtained education and competences.
Mr. Zhomart Motyshev
Managing Director for Government Relations, "JFood Kazakhstan" LLP
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the organizing team, personally to Eduard Voytenko, for the expert approach to organizing and conducting the training course, as well as for the high professional level of lectures. The course was full of urgent and interesting cases and useful information, that allows you to apply the knowledge in improving GR activity in the company. The course also allows you to make new contacts and meet many interesting people from various fields of activity. I wish success to your team.
Mr. Alexander Logvinenko
Chief Performance Management Specialist, "EVRAZ" LLC
Many thanks to Eduard Voytenko and the whole team for organizing such an intensive and comprehensive course. Very impressive! Judging by the warm reviews of past speakers, it turns out to keep the "quality bar" at a high level for a long time.
I like the course because of: 1) diverse expert speakers who not only provide interesting and structured material, but also willingly answer any questions, give interesting cases; 2) handout material, to which you can always return and clarify information; 3) networking, communication with colleagues in the "workshop", which enriches you, develops, and allows you to feel like a student again)) Only positive emotions, keep it up!
Mr. Marat Akhmatov
Deputy Chairman, the "Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Tatarstan" Union
The course has a global character, aimed at forming a culture of interaction with Government agencies. Of course, practices from practitioners applied in the real economic sector will be useful in further tasks within the Chambers of Commerce and Industry system development.
Mr. Alexey Kartashov
Deputy Director General for Relations with Public Authorities, LLC "IIHR" ("HimRar")
I express my great gratitude to the entire project team! The courses were conducted very competently from a scientific and methodological point of view. The lecturers did a lot of preparatory work, including involving all listeners in an active cognitive process, creating a comfortable working atmosphere. The courses in this program are unique and have a pronounced practical orientation, which causes a desire to apply all the new things seen and heard! I hope that our community will only grow and develop.
We are always with you!
Ms. Natalia Larionova
General Director, LLC "Modern Research Technologies"/ Head of a Separate division, JSC "KONAR" in Moscow
My experience about the completed course is the most positive.
The course is compiled by professionals for professionals. The program is voluminous with a large coverage of different business areas and a range of issues. The speakers are professionals who openly share their experience, knowledge and even "behind the scenes" nuances. They always answer all questions, even acute ones.
In addition to the speakers, the course is a great platform for sharing the experience of the listeners themselves, both during lectures and during breaks. The trainees are no less professional and competent in various fields.
The course provides an opportunity both to gain new or additional knowledge in the field of GR and to learn from scratch about GR and lobbying: from concepts to real cases.
Mr. Sergey Kokhichko
Head of EDUTOK Direction in TikTok
After completing the course, I can say for sure that I did not make a mistake in choosing the program. Thanks to the BCG and MGIMO teams, there is a program on the market that combines a large and interesting amount of theory and practice in the field of GR and lobbying. It was the synergy of live communication and feedback from listeners and speakers that made it possible to perceive the material not in an encyclopedic format, but in the form of direct cases and real mechanics of work. After the lectures, the speakers were open to additional questions and actively discussed the topics that we, as an audience, raised. A separate branch of communication was going on within our group, since the experience of colleagues from different business areas and regions was definitely versatile. As a result, I am very grateful to the organizers of the course for not only organizing and bringing everyone together, but also for continuing to do this for 12 streams!
Mr. Ildar Sufiyarov
Deputy Director for Interaction with Authorities, LLC "Technaxis"
Powerful, interesting and extremely productive. This is how you can describe a week-long GR-course from MGIMO and B-C-G. I consider successful and correct the format in which the speakers are not just academic staff, but real practitioners. Separately, I would like to note a lecture from Anastasia Parfenchikova on legislative work, where I managed to get acquainted with the underside of extremely closed processes.
At the end of the course, we became part of a large team of MGIMO GR-course graduates. Our work and our networking are just beginning!
Ms. Elena Fasakhova
Assistant to the Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, head of a human rights organization
Despite the fact that I have been working in politics for a long time and many features of interaction between business and government bodies are familiar to me, I learned a lot of new things during the course.
I am grateful to the head of the program Eduard Voytenko and the organizers of the course for the fact that teachers who are experts in the field of GR from different business sectors (including those who had experience in government) and journalists were represented on one educational platform. Each of them was able to tell about their own experience in the field of GR, taking into account the specifics of the industries.
The knowledge gained on the program will certainly be useful not only in professional activities, but also in life (for effective communication).
Ms. Anastasia Lavrova
Specialist of the 1st category of the Department for Interaction with Federal Authorities, Gazprom International Limited
The course "GR and lobbying in business and NGOs" turned out to be very rich and informative. In my opinion, its uniqueness lies in a fairly extensive industry sample, considering which you can assess the specifics of working with government agencies in each industry and take the necessary tools into service. Also, a huge advantage is the practice-oriented speakers, who are directly GR-actors of their business. Many thanks to the teachers and organizers for a very useful course!
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